Unleash the Power of Our Versatile Token

Designed to streamline your financial experiences, this versatile token empowers you to seamlessly navigate the evolving digital landscape.

RBL is the heart of Rublex (exchange, Dex, Pay, Wallet)

This token serves as the backbone of our exchange platform, payment systems, and a growing suite of integrated services.

250K $

Soft Cap

1M $

Hard Cap

Rublex Token (RBL)
Network BEP-20
Total supply
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain


Rublex is a leading innovator in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. We are building a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services designed to empower individuals and businesses to leverage the power of digital assets. From education and secure storage to seamless transactions and financial tools, Rublex is committed to shaping the future of finance.

Stay Tuned

We are finalizing the specifics and will be sharing an official announcement with the selling plan and airdrop information soon. Thank you for your patience.

Our Roadmap

  1. Rublex Academy Launched

    A virtual university for cryptocurrency and blockchain education

    Rublex Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to educate users of all levels on various cryptocurrency and blockchain topics. Whether you're a beginner looking to understand the basics of Bitcoin or an aspiring developer interested in building dApps, Rublex Academy provides the resources and instruction you need to succeed in the decentralized world.

  2. Rublex Exchange Debugging

    A centralized cryptocurrency exchange

    The Rublex Exchange allows users to buy, sell, and trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies in a secure and user-friendly environment. With competitive fees, fast transaction processing, and advanced order types, the Rublex Exchange caters to both novice and experienced traders.

  3. Rublex Trade Training Launched

    Risk-Free Crypto Trading

    The Rublex Trade Training is your personal crypto training ground. With simulated markets and real-time data, you can practice trading strategies and build your confidence before entering the real world. Get started with Rublex Trade Training today.

  4. Rublex DEX Auditing

    Decentralized crypto exchange for peer-to-peer trading

    The Rublex DEX empowers users to trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other without relying on a central authority. This eliminates the need for intermediaries, fosters greater control over your assets, and promotes a more transparent trading experience. Specific features and functionalities to be announced.

  5. Rublex Booking Launched

    Book travel using cryptocurrency

    Rublex Book simplifies travel booking by allowing users to seamlessly pay for flights and hotels using their crypto holdings. Partnering with major travel providers, Rublex Book offers a convenient and secure way to explore the world with your cryptocurrency. Supported travel providers and booking functionalities to be revealed closer to launch.

  6. Rublex Locker

    Smart Liquidity Locker and Token Vesting for Ethereum, Polygon and BSC

    Gradual release of project tokens over a set time period.This applies to tokens allocated to the team, advisors, or for future sales. Vesting prevents large token dumps that could manipulate the market price.

  7. Rublex Pay Debugging

    Pay online with crypto or fiat currencies

    Rublex Pay acts as a universal payment gateway, enabling users to make online purchases using both cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currencies. This streamlines the online shopping experience and expands payment options for merchants who want to accept crypto payments. Supported merchants and integration methods to be announced.

  8. Rublex Card In Development

    Crypto-backed credit card for everyday purchases

    The Rublex Card is a credit card backed by your cryptocurrency holdings. You can use it to make everyday purchases anywhere that accepts credit cards. This allows you to conveniently spend your crypto without the need for constant exchanges. Spending limits, reward programs (if any), and supported card networks to be confirmed.

  9. Rublex Terminal

    Accept crypto payments at your business (details TBA)

    Rublex Terminal (details to be announced) will empower businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments from their customers. This could involve integrating with point-of-sale systems or providing QR code functionality for a seamless crypto payment experience. Compatibility with existing POS systems and any associated fees to be announced.

  10. Rublex Wallet Debugging

    Securely store and manage your cryptocurrencies

    The Rublex Wallet provides a secure and user-friendly platform to store, manage, and send your cryptocurrencies. Equipped with robust security features and intuitive functionalities, the Rublex Wallet offers complete control over your digital assets.

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